Top 5 Fears about Yoga and How to Conquer Them

The Top 5 Fears of those New to Yoga and How to Conquer Them
People who are new to yoga often have fears about yoga. Sometimes people are worried or scared about certain things related to practicing yoga or even trying a yoga class. Below are the top 5 fears of people who are new to yoga along with how to conquer them.

1. I’m not flexible enough for yoga.
People have this idea that you have to be super flexible and be able to bend like an acrobat or circus performer in order to practice yoga. This is simply not true. One of the goals that people often have for practicing yoga is to become more flexible. Flexibility is really a goal that you can aim towards rather than a requirement in order to start doing yoga.

2. I won’t be able to do the poses.
Lots of people are afraid to take a class because they think they can’t do the poses. They’ve seen pictures in the media of people doing advanced handstands or backbends and they think that’s what all yoga classes include. However, what the media portrays isn’t what all classes are actually like. There are classes for all different levels and abilities. While there are advanced classes for those who have practiced yoga for years, there are also classes for those new to yoga. Health Conscious Yoga® classes offer options for those who are new and those who are experienced. I offer step-by-step instructions for each pose so if you are a beginner or more experienced you can still take part and feel confident about doing the different yoga poses. If you follow my instructions, you’ll likely conquer this fear.

3. Yoga is going to be too hard for me to do.
When you are a beginner of anything, things can seem hard to do. Think about the first time you rode a bicycle. It wasn’t easy to ride that bike on your very first try. That’s why you practice yoga. To conquer this fear you take more classes over time. First, you find a class that fits your own level. Second, look for a class that will provide you with a basic knowledge on yoga poses so you can actually do the class. Finally, take classes so you can gain experience and build a solid foundation.

4. I’m going to get hurt taking a yoga class.
First of all, this is a very common fear. Make sure that you talk to your doctor to determine whether the practice of yoga is recommended and safe for you. Second, only perform poses or moves that you know are safe for you to do. Third, I offer safe yoga pose modifications for people with different chronic health conditions during my Health Conscious Yoga® classes. Fourth, take things slow as you begin any class. This will help you face this fear and it will help empower you.

5. I don’t have the kind of body needed to do yoga.
Yoga is for every single body type on the planet. It is not meant for only those with skinny, ballerina-type bodies. Believe it or not, yoga can be accessible to everyone. You don’t need to look a certain way or have a certain kind of body to do yoga. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone, including those living with chronic health conditions.

Don’t let your fears about yoga stop you!

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